It’ll End In Tears

Song To The Siren
Fond Affections
The Last Day
Another Day
Waves Become Wings
Dreams Made Flesh
Not Me
A Single Wish


It’ll End in Tears is the first album released by 4AD collective This Mortal Coil, an umbrella title for a loose grouping of guest musicians and vocalists brought together by label boss Ivo Watts-Russell. The twelve tracks of the album are illustrated here, in proper order.

featuring Model: Emma Rocherolle
all Photographs by Michelle Gemma
Spicer Mansion, Mystic, CT  USA

The Moon and the Melodies

01 “Sea, Swallow Me”
02 “Memory Gongs”
03 “Why Do You Love Me?”
04 “Eyes Are Mosaics”
05 “She Will Destroy You”
06 “The Ghost Has No Home”
07 “Bloody and Blunt”
08 “Ooze Out and Away, Onehow”

featuring Model: Caroline Walz
Photographs by Michelle Gemma
6 September 2016
Stonington Boro.  CT  USA

Morgan age 18

“Activate”                                                                                                                                        featuring Model: Morgan Vail, age 19
from the ongoing series “Portrait of the Artist as a Young Girl”—
a timeline of photographs over 19 years with the same model 
Mystic, CT USA
Photograph by Michelle Gemma