Walk at Dawn

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the sky is still blue
the sky is still and blue
the sun only hints at being a part of this like we are a part of this
in this middle of it all
this field
where this field and the makeshift pavement meet like an indecision
bits of one strata dissolving into another
the normally tall golden stalks of grass
erect and proud, now weighed down
with the seriousness of the night before
the cool and damp
the incremental impact
the slight change in the atmosphere
as if from positive to negative
and back again

we join hands
one of us shivers
the difference is imperceptible
neither of us speak
as we step in unison
the sky is lighter though not bright
the birds have taken notice and the edges of the field start to come alive
the grasses, their heads full of seeds, crane slightly as the defining forces stoically imply their will
almost with each step there are changes taking place
where our feet meet the ground
where the wet of the grass, on careful occasion, meets with our flesh in dewey transference
a diamond exchange
an offer glistening
pausing, glistening, dropping to the ground

up the hill
around the corner
in amongst the cattle that come into focus as the day makes its way
there is less blue now
more bright
the balance is tipping
the winds are rising ever so slightly
the mist gives way to a clarity upon which we both remark
it feels good
less alone
more engaging
the individual parts, as we make our way along a ridgeline trail, integrate
root, rot, branch, the slight trickle of a spring bubbling up out the earth’s surface
one grip tightens, the other responds
eyes meet, hearts skip a beat
down the hill we go


Incomplete Music

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sketches never completed

inspiration for a return, or a new direction



“I Don’t Owe You Anything”

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“I Don’t Owe You Anything”

“You should never go to them
Let them come to you
Just like I do
Just like I do”
featuring Model: Morgan Vail
from the ongoing series “Portrait of the Artist as a Young Girl”—
a timeline of photographs over 18 years with the same model
Avery Point,  CT USA
Photograph by Michelle Gemma


and a Pitbull named Perry

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shirt tucked tightly, smoothed over the contours contained therein
the body of evidence in support of the conclusion already reached

this, not in roundabout form, no pussyfooting here, bub,
but directly, like no one I’ve ever met

the soft curves in continuation over hip and haunch where the body bends, folding softly in a series of gestures and suggestions

and somewhere in all this, the differences diminish
the distance is diminished and the gravity,
that which almost inexplicably draws one thing to another
becomes the only thing that matters


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“Everything matters, everything we do matters.”

Nelson Wright: “Everything matters, everything we do matters.”
—-Flatliners, (1990), written by Peter Filardi of Mystic, CT
featuring Model: Angela Lavoie
June 1998
Stonington Boro. CT USA
Photograph by Michelle Gemma



The Moon and The Melodies

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01 "Sea, Swallow Me"

01 “Sea, Swallow Me”

02 "Memory Gongs"

02 “Memory Gongs”

03 "Why Do You Love Me?"

03 “Why Do You Love Me?”

04 "Eyes Are Mosaics"

04 “Eyes Are Mosaics”

05 "She Will Destroy You"

05 “She Will Destroy You”

06 "The Ghost Has No Home"

06 “The Ghost Has No Home”

07 "Bloody and Blunt"

07 “Bloody and Blunt”

08 "Ooze Out and Away, Onehow"

08 “Ooze Out and Away, Onehow”

The Moon and The Melodies

a new series featuring Model: Caroline Walz

Photographs by Michelle Gemma

6 September 2016

Stonington Boro.  CT  USA